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The Simpsons House

LEGO In The Summer Holidays

School’s out for summer… and we know there will be lots of parents and grandparents out there looking for activities to do with their children during the holidays. And we have the answer!

World Earth Day. Chorley Brickis are saving the world one LEGO brick at a time

Chorley Bricks Celebrates World Earth Day

Here at Chorley Bricks World Earth Day is close to our heart, as everything we do is all about sustainability.Recycling LEGO sets and pieces is at the heart of all our activity, giving you, our lovely customer, the opportunity to hire and build LEGO sets without having to invest in purchasing and having it sit around in its box in your cupboard after you’ve grown tired of it and pulled it apart.

Mr Gold – The Golden Man Of Lego

Lego introduced a 17th figure into their Minifigures Series 10 collection, Mr Gold, as very rare ultra collectable character, of which only 5000 were produced, which lead to the wonderfully termed ‘Goldgate’ affair, much to the embarrassment of Lego!
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