Chorley Bricks Cover Picture
Gary displaying his store with LEGO rental sets.

Lancashire Post Centre Fold 04.06.24

Gary Foxcroft is owner of Chorley Bricks, a nationwide rental service for sets of Lego.
It gives Lego enthusiasts the chance to experience constructing large and well known sets without breaking the bank in buying them Fans can choose from more than 70 full sets to rent, build, admire, dismantle and send back.
Among the most popular are: Titanic (which has 9,090 pieces), Star Wars Millennium Falcon, the Home Alone House, Hogwarts Castle, Supercars like Bugatti, Lamborghini and Ferrari Daytona
Chorley Bricks also has nearly 260,000 parts for sale.
Gary said: “It started March 2020, I was first buying used sets and flipping them for a little monetary profit. Then I did more and more completing sets buying parts that were missing and selling them on. ” Chorley Bricks began with Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters that’s my favourite. Sadly, it’s value has continued to sky-rocket and we therefore do not have it available as a rental set.
“Lego brings enjoyment to young and old. Most customers are adults that use building sets for relaxation, keeping the mind and fingers working in a controlled environment” Plus sets are so diverse from massive cranes, to houses, to super cars to ocean liners.

Photograph by Michelle Adamson – Lancashire Post