What and who is Chorley Bricks?

  • Chorley Bricks is a small business that started out of a passion to build older retired sets and pass these on for others to enjoy. Founded and operated by Gary Foxcroft. Joblots were bought, sets completed including buying missing parts on Bricklink & Brick Owl then sold on. This was great fun and created a good profit which allowed for more joblots & bundles to be bought. When sets could no longer built, the bulk parts were catalogued by local Lego lover Des Sheriff who then took on the running of our parts store on Bricklink & Brick Owl. When buying set bundles and looking to resell, sometimes it’s better to wait a couple of years for a better “retired” price and that’s when Gary thought of allowing others to buid the sets and in May 2021 this first local collection rental started. 250 successful rentals were conducted this way. Since July 2023 we are operating a nationwide service, with a Royal Mail Tracked 48 shipping option added.

Do you buy Lego sets?

  • Yes, most of our sets have been sourced as used sets from other adult friends of Lego AFOL. We may by sets for our rental service and sets to flip, although we always advise to sell these at market value on platforms like Facebook first. As we cannot pay market value if looking to flip sets.

Do you buy bulk used Lego pieces?

  • Not at the moment, we have no time to sort and catalogue bulk parts anymore, but we may be able to direct you to other local parts sellers.

Do you sell Lego pieces and sets?

What is Lego Set Rental?

  • You get to build a Lego set of your choice at a time and duration of your choosing. It comes in a plastic container or shipping box with numbered bags and instructions. Just like a new set would but at a fraction of the price.

How does Lego Set Rental work?

  • Access our rental portal.
    Look for the set you’d like to rent, select if you require shipping or you will collect at the top of the page, then select duration and you will see availability. Book in for the day you wish your rental to start. If shipped, the earliest is 4days in the future as your rental starts when you receive your set. At the end of the rental period, return the Lego parts back into the numbered bags and return the set as received, either by dropping off, or a returns label will be sent to you before the end of your rental.
  • It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure the set is kept safe and complete at all times. The set is the property of Chorley Bricks and all the parts need to be accounted for after the rental ends. Please take this into consideration when building with small children.

What sets can I rent?

  • Our current catalogue shows 76 different sets. Then we have 3 Titanics, 3 Hogwarts Castles, 3 Home Alone Houses, 2 Millennium Falcons & 2 1989 Batmobiles

How soon can I rent a set?

  • Collection rentals can be ordered through the portal for the next working day onwards. Please be aware, we are closed Sunday & Thursdays but as always, if desperate, just email or WhatsApp and we can look if we can make the set available earlier.
  • Shipped sets require approx.. 4days for prep. Invoice & payment have to be made first and then the set is shipped to you as rental starts on day you receive.

How many sets can I rent at once?

  • For collection sets, max of 2 sets at a time unless other prior arrangement has been agreed upon.
  • For shipping, first time customers can only receive one set, after that maximum of two at a time. As mentioned under shipping, please be aware the system cannot calculate weight for shipping, large heavy sets may rech a combined weight over 10kg.

How do you price rentals?

  • We base our prices on a fraction of set value.

How long can I rent sets for?

  • Most sets offer 2 – 4 week durations. Larger sets may offer 3 – 5 weeks. Remember that disassembly takes time, too.

How much do rentals cost?

  • Prices start from £5 a week for some sets

Do you offer gift vouchers?

  • Yes we do, you can find them here, we will create a unique voucher pdf which you can either print or simply forward via email. https://rental.chorleybricks.co.uk/shop?category=tlNqe2bTqjCJO2ndF1Gk

Can I book ahead for a time that suits me?

  • Yes, you can. As long as the calendar offers the option and the set is available you can book for a special event upto a year in the future.

Collection vs Delivery

  • There is no cost to collecting your order. You select the date and time of collection based on set availability and our opening hours.
  • If you require a split collection / shipped order, please always select the shipping option and contact me to arrange details. I can then adjust the invoice before sending it to you.

Why are there two shipping costs?

  • We use Royal Mails Tracked 48 service to ship your set to you and this cost also includes a return label sent to you at the end of your rental period. There are two weight classes and costs. For shipments under 10kg it’s £15 incl. return label. For shipments under 15kg it’s £22 Currently only the single sets UCS Millennium Falcon & Titanic are above 10kg. Should you wish to select 2 sets for rental, after the initial 1st hire, please message us to check if both sets can still be shipped for the lower rate. If not, we will invoice for the higher rate instead.

How do I pay for my order?

  • All payments are initiated manually. After placing your order we will be in touch for payment. Collections can be paid via cash or bank transfer in advance or at time of collection. Unless bank transfer has been requested, there may not be any further communication until you collect.
  • In the case of shipping, you have the option of bank transfer, PayPal or Stripe for debit/credit card payment. Please note that Stripe & PayPal incur fees to us, we appreciate bank transfers which are just as safe.

How will I receive my set and when?

  • If you’ve selected collection, you will have also selected a collection time. The collection from address is shown on your order confirmation and we will meet unless we contact you to change this at short notice. Please do not arrive outside of this time without prior confirmation as either I or the set, may not be available.
  • If you’ve selected shipping, your set will arrive on or before the requested date as we build in a start buffer in the ordering process. Your set will arrive in a sturdy plastic shipping box. Please carefully cut the 4 cable ties holding this together. There will be four added in the box for the return. The instructions will be in a pouch in the bottom of the container. Please place them there when returning. Stops them moving about, especially for the Millennium Falcon instructions, that are huge 🙂

Does Chorley Bricks check all sets when they return for missing pieces?

  • No, we do not. As you will find out, checking a set can take many hours and it would be impossible for us to do this and offer this service. We do check general contents and check the missing pieces sheet should anything require adding before storing the set ready for the next rental.

What happens if there are missing pieces during the build?

  • We will replace upto 20 missing pieces totally free of charge, this does not include figures or unique parts to this set / stickered. Should you notice any during your build, please check the other bags first. Should a vital piece for the build be missing we will send this part to you and your rental will be on hold for that duration. Any smaller not vital parts, we apologise for the inconvenience and ask you list them on the missing parts list with their part number, quantity and if possible bag they should have been in.
  • If the previous deconstruction wasn’t perfect, please note that a potential missing piece may be found in a later bag. As always it is the care and attention of deconstruction that matters as much as the build.

Will I get charged for a missing piece?

  • In the case of a minifigure, whole assembly, more than 20 pieces or unique set specific part, we will be in touch to mediate a resolution. If you notice anything missing, please notify us immediately, so we can check with the previous hiree. Some pieces, figures and assemblies have temporarily moved due to small hands.

How do I return the rental?

  • As received, you drop off the set if you collected at the time on your confirmation. Usually same day and time 2 – 4 weeks in the future. Or contact us via Whatsapp on 07933 704539 to arrange a different time.
  • If shipped, we will send a rental ending email plus return instructions and a prepaid label before your rental expires. Should you wish to return the set early, simply email or whatsapp for a returns label. Seal the box with the four enclosed cable ties and use the label to either have Royal mail collect, or drop off at local Post Office. A printer is not required as Post Office can print a label from a QR code we provide in your email. Details will be included.
  • Please place the instructions into the bottom of the box first when returning. Stops them moving about, especially for the Millennium Falcon instructions, that are huge 🙂

Do I have to bag the set as received?

  • This service can only exist if we all treat the sets as if they were our own. Please reverse bag the set into it’s numbered bags following the instructions. If you have questions about this, please contact us.
  • Sets should never be deconstructed with a knife or teeth, each set comes with a brick separator for these things. If your set does not contain one, please message me immediately so I can get one to you.
  • Returning parts into the numbered bags, please push air out of bag before closing the zip lock all the way. If you find a damaged bag with a hole, again, please let me know.

Can Chorley Bricks deconstruct the set into bags for me?

  • In certain circumstances, and pre-arranged only, we can do this for you, though there is a fee to cover this. £25 will be charged for a third party to complete this.
    Should your set be returned assembled or partially assembled, as per our T&C’s, we will be in touch to mediate.

Are instructions included?

  • Yes, please place these in the bottom of the box when returning. We have added document folders to keep them safe.

Are batteries included?

  • Yes, we remove a battery from the hub to avoid discharge during storage or transit. Should the batteries run out, please let us know.

When does my rental start?

  • Your rental starts with collection or upon receipt of your set.

When does my rental end?

  • In most cases on the same day it started in 2 – 5 weeks in the future. The day & time will be same as collection. When shipped, your set should be retuned immediately after your rental has ended.

Can I extend my rental, I’m not finished?

  • Please message us via email or WhatsApp details in order confirmation to see if we can extend. You will be able to see on the order page if someone else has booked the set after you. We can look at options together.

What happens if my rental arrives late due to shipping delays?

  • Please let us know and we will extend your rental by that time.

Can I cancel my order?

  • Yes, you can cancel at no cost before payment has been made. After that, payment processor fees may have to be considered or we can provide a voucher.

Can I keep the set, it looks so nice in my collection

  • Unfortunately not, though there can always be exceptions. If you’re able to replace the set like for like with a new one. We will need the shipping box back etc. Please contact us as sometimes we do offer some less used sets for sale and will post these on our Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/chorleybricks

What happens if I do not return my rental?

  • If you foresee a possible delay in returning the set, please get in touch. An extension may be possible. Or we may be able to collect. If the set is not shipped within 2days after the rental period ends, extra charges may apply. Please be aware, we have included a maintenance time to allow the set to be returned before another booking, but in some cases, delays cause follow on issues for others.

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