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42130 BMW M 1000 RR

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LEGO® 21310 Old Fishing Store

LEGO 21310 Old Fishing Store

Explore the charming Beachside Old Fishing Store, a haven packed with fishing-related decor, and a linked lookout tower that boasts a balcony offering sweeping views, alongside an office tucked away on the level below. This set is a collector’s dream and a playground for imaginative play, complete with two detachable roofs and a rear opening in the store for convenient internal access. It comes with four minifigures, a cat, three seagull figures, and a treasure trove of delightful details and accessories to spark creative stories.

The set includes four minifigures: a captain, a male fisherman, a female fisherwoman, and a young fisher-in-training, along with a cat and three lifelike seagull figures. The Old Fishing Store is an intricate build, sitting proudly on a sand-colored LEGO® baseplate measuring 32×32 studs, accented with realistic rocky details. Its exterior boasts steps leading to the store’s front and side entrances, railings, an outdoor tap complete with meters, a ventilation system, and a variety of engaging accents such as signs for “Anton’s Bait Shop,” opening hours, a “gone fishin’” notice, an anchor, a barrel, chained tires, fish crates with transparent ice elements, hanging fish, life preservers, a hook box, and a tool kit containing a drill, oil can, and wrench.

The interior of the shop is just as impressive, featuring an openable back wall and a lift-off roof adorned with mismatched timber elements and decorative stickers. Inside, you’ll find two ceiling lights, front doors, display windows, a mix of floor tiles, and several windows that open. The shop is outfitted with a counter, display shelves, and an array of accessories such as a cash register, mug, bottle, hooks, cash, a desk lamp, fishing rods, harpoons, nets, diving helmets, oxygen tanks, flippers, a sextant, a map, explosives, and even a spider lurking beneath the floorboards.

The lookout tower’s lower level is equipped with an office featuring windows, a boarded-up window with a newspaper detail, a desk, chair, lamp, and paper elements, plus a ladder leading to the upper level. The top of the tower includes a detachable roof with a weather vane, windows, a balcony encircling the structure, and numerous nautical ornaments like a telescope, flag, ship’s wheel, lantern, and decorative crabs.

This model is superb for both display and engaging role-play. The package also contains a booklet that dives into the stories of both the fan designer and LEGO® designer behind this captivating set. Comprising over 2,045 pieces, the model measures more than 12” (32cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide, and 9” (25cm) deep, making it a substantial and eye-catching addition to any collection.

LEGO® 10260 Downtown Diner

LEGO 10260 Downtown Diner

Step into an extraordinary world where melodies and dining intertwine at the LEGO® Creator Expert 10260 Downtown Diner! Embark on a gastronomic journey filled with entertainment and delightful surprises.

This magnificent model showcases detachable sections for seamless exploration of its intricately designed interior, revealing a vintage 1950s diner setup on the ground floor, filled with a vibrant array of features including a sweeping curved front window, crimson bar stools, a classic jukebox, serving counter, and an expansive kitchen layout. Ascend to the mid-level where a fitness center awaits, complete with a boxing ring, punching bag, and a room dedicated to weightlifting exercises.

The adventure continues as you reach the top floor, home to a state-of-the-art recording studio, boasting a vocal booth, sound mixing console, and a cabinet stocked with refreshments. The exterior captures attention with its pink-and-teal Streamline Moderne design, featuring a pronounced ‘DINER’ signage, complemented by decorative arched windows, inviting balconies, and an external staircase, not to mention a chic pink convertible and a meticulously detailed sidewalk scene, adorned with a mailbox, parking meter, flowerpots, and an ornate streetlamp, collectively rendering this model a prized collectable designed to offer both a rewarding build and a dash of nostalgia.

The set comes complete with 6 minifigures: a diligent chef, attentive waitress, robust boxer, charismatic rock star, shrewd manager, and a muscular bodybuilder, enriching your imaginative play. The 3-story Downtown Diner showcases brick-by-brick details, including a stunning facade with Streamline Moderne flair, a decorative roofline, an opening skylight, rooftop terrace, and a detailed sidewalk scene, along with a vintage pink convertible from the 1950s. The diner’s ground floor is a throwback to classic American diners, boasting a striking curved window, cozy seating, and assorted dining amenities including a jukebox and gastronomic delights.

The gym on the middle floor is fully equipped for the ultimate training session while the top-floor recording studio offers everything needed for musical creation. Enjoy a spin in the stylish convertible, visit the diner for a mix of quick eats and tunes, assist the chef with whipping up the quickest meals in town, or have the roller-skating waitress manage the orders seamlessly. Visit the gym to engage in a workout or tune into the recording studio’s next big hit. This set spans over 2,480 pieces, making it an ideal challenge for builders aged 16 and up. It introduces uniquely decorated elements and special bricks, enhancing creative possibilities.

Join in building a complete LEGO® Creator Expert Modular Buildings series and create a bustling town filled with architectural marvels. Measuring over 13” (34cm) in height, 9” (25cm) in width, and 9” (25cm) in depth, this set promises a grand display and imaginative play.

LEGO® 10303 Loop Coaster

Lego 10303 Loop Coaster

Find your place, for it’s time to revisit the electrifying excitement of your most cherished rollercoaster adventures. However, there’s no need to hurry. The LEGO® Loop Coaster (10303) is a meticulous construction endeavour meant for adults. Embrace the journey of piecing together the intricacies of this working roller coaster replica.

This gravity-powered roller coaster includes a train and a boarding area complete with opening gates and a control panel. Secure the passengers by lowering the restraint bars in the coaster cars. Then, release the brake to dispatch the train toward the base of the lift. Engage the lift, and savor the experience as the cars speed around the roller coaster’s loops and curves. For an enhanced experience, integrate the LEGO Powered Up (sold separately) to add a motorized lift to the coaster. The set is further enriched with additions like a park bench featuring a map, a balloon stand, a pretzel cart, a hot-dog kiosk, and a height measure.

A Roller-Coaster Craft for Grown-ups – Enlarge your LEGO® Fairground Collection with the collectable LEGO Loop Coaster Building Kit (10303). It’s a grown-up project and a thoughtful present for fans of theme parks.
Electrify Your Coaster – Crafted to emulate real-life excitement, this model kit is ready for LEGO® Powered Up (to be bought separately), allowing you to modernize the roller-coaster with a motor-driven elevator.

LEGO® 42130 BMW M 1000 RR

42130 BMW M 1000 RR

LEGO® 21338 A-Frame Cabin

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of rural life with the collectable LEGO® Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338) display model. This model captures the essence of a countryside retreat with its signature A-Frame design, featuring a steeply-pitched roof that can be removed to reveal a meticulously detailed interior. Inside, discover a cozy bedroom aloft and a charming lower level adorned with a living area, study, and kitchenette, all filled with delightful accessories to enhance the homely vibe. Additionally, the set comes complete with 3 vibrant trees that can either stand alone or be linked to form a quaint island, alongside a canoe for adventurous explorations.

Enhance the bucolic landscape with 4 customizable minifigures and 11 wildlife figures, including 2 moths exclusive to February 2023. This set serves as the perfect present for those enchanted by nature, architecture, or simply the pleasure of building, guided every step of the way by comprehensive instructions.

Step into a world of calm and concentration with LEGO Sets for Adults. This collection showcases premier models across various passions, waiting for you to engage in a mindful building endeavor.

4 Customizable Minifigures and 11 Animal Figures – Personalize 4 minifigures, and enjoy an array of wildlife figures including moths, butterflies, frogs, birds, an otter, a spider, and a squirrel.

Feature-Rich Cabin – The easily removable roof uncovers a cozy interior complete with a bedroom, living area, study, and kitchenette full of engaging accessories.

Trees and Canoe – Arrange the trees individually or join them to craft an island, navigable by the included canoe for the minifigures.
An Ideal Gift for Adults – Offer this 2,082-piece set as a special gift for birthdays, holidays, or as a surprise to those who cherish the great outdoors, architectural beauty, or LEGO® building.

Display-Worthy – This A-Frame Cabin model is a remarkable display piece for any home or office, measuring over 24 cm (9.5 in.) high, 21 cm (8 in.) wide, and 22 cm (9 in.) deep.A LEGO® Community Favorite – As part of the LEGO Ideas collection, this set is one among many fan-designed projects brought to life through votes from LEGO aficionados and the expertise of the LEGO Group.