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Who Knew LEGO Likes To Hide Easter Eggs In Their Sets?

LEGO likes to include Easter Eggs in their sets.


But very few, except avid fans and collectors know this.

Easter eggs are unexpected and usually undocumented small details that LEGO designers add as an insider joke or little surprise for the pleasure of their most dedicated fans.

They are usually not noticed by general shoppers but only those who really pay attention and there are online forums dedicated to this and all sorts of hidden secrets to find in sets of LEGO!

LEGO Easter Eggs are not real eggs, they’re small, often insignificant details included by designers, making reference to previous sets, historic events or even the designers using their own initials or names in details like registration plates on vehicles or signs and nameboards.

So the next time you spot something in a set that you’re building, you can make a knowing smile and assume there’s a hidden meaning or get down deep and research exactly what that meaning is. It gives a whole new dimension to the set!

Lego Vehicle with registeration plate AC-JR10

This Lego vehicle with registration plate AC-JR10

The designers name was Justin Ramsden, hence the JR in the Reg!

The vehicle here is from the LEGO Super Heroes Spider Man Beware of The Vulture set.

Lego Fire Engine with reg plate containing the letters PN

The designers name in this registration plate is Pierre Normandin – PN at the beginning of the reg!

From the set LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck