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Minifig pets in four quadrants, 3 horses, rabit, dog and two cats

National Pet Day Is Full Of Minifig Pets

It’s National Pet Day so of course we wanted to share with you some of the cutest LEGO Minifig pets.

The first animals introduced as Minifigs were horses in 1984 and were only available in Black and White. Not until 4 years later was a Brown horse introduced in 1988 and by 1990, a greater variety of animals were introduced such as cats, dogs and other domestic animals.

As well as Minifig pets, there’s a perfect LEGO toy pet for every child.

Dogs, cats, rabbits and birds like parrots, plus all the grooming supplies they need!

Toy pets are classic educational toys for children. From cats and dogs to parrots and rabbits, just like their real companions, they play an important, fun and creative part in early childhood development.

Children learn skils such as empathy and caring when looking after pets and playing with LEGO pets are a great way to introduce children to the idea of caring for their little cuddly friends early on.

That said, all the Minifig pets are collectors items too and enjoy pride of place in many comprehensive collections.

There are over 65 types of LEGO dogs to choose from, in small and medium sizes, including pug, beagle, dachshund, golden retriever, husky, Yorkshire terrier, Rottweiler, and Pomeranian.

There are multiple colors for many of the breeds, so plenty of scope for the avid collector.