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World Earth Day. Chorley Brickis are saving the world one LEGO brick at a time

Chorley Bricks Celebrates World Earth Day

22nd April 2022 is World Earth Day!

Here at Chorley Bricks World Earth Day is close to our heart, as everything we do is all about sustainability.

Hooray for #worldearthday

Recycling LEGO sets and pieces is at the heart of all our activity, giving you, our lovely customer, the opportunity to hire and build LEGO sets without having to invest in purchasing and having it sit around in its box in your cupboard after you’ve grown tired of it and pulled it apart.

You simply return the set, having enjoyed the build and hire your next set, so you can build and enjoy as many as you like, at a fraction of the cost of buying your own sets.

We also buy old and incomplete sets, to separate the pieces and resell individually, to enthusiasts and collectors alike, who have a set with missing pieces or want to build their own creations.

Would you believe approximately 20 billion LEGO elements (bricks) are made every year in the LEGO factory in Billund, Denmark!

  • About 2 million elements every hour…
  • 35,000 every minute
  • 583 every second!

With that amount of LEGO being made, there must be a percentage going into landfill each year too, so recycling the sets and bricks is a great way to achieve a number of objectives in line with sustainabilirty as well as our own goals, which are…

  1. Making set available to enthusiasts at an affordable price
  2. Giving more people the opportunity to experience the joy of LEGO
  3. Reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill

So why not get onboard and hire a LEGO set from Chorley Bricks and help us save the world, one LEGO brick at a time.