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Tower Bridge

New Sets On The Block

Tower Bridge

We’re always looking to add sets to our rental collection here at Chorley Bricks and this month has seen quite a few new additions

Not everyone wants to undertake a huge challenge and sometimes it’s just great to set about some smaller builds so as well as the very beautiful and iconic Tower Bridge, we have a collection of smaller builds from the Harry Potter theme and the equally iconic James Bond Ason Martin DB5 from the Creator Expert, Vehicles theme.

James Bond Aston Martin DB5As

Tower Bridge has 4287 pieces and is likely to take between 11-12 hours to build but looks stunning when it’s complete and the Aston Martin has 1514 pieces and could be completed within 3-4 hours and is a dream for any James Bond obsessed LEGO lover!

Our new Harry Potter themed sets include Hedwig, Fawkes Dumbledore’s Phoenix, Hogwarts Great Hall, Whomping Willow and The Hogwarts Express, all available for the rental charge of £5 each and will be featured in our Set Showcases on our Facebook page in coming weeks.

Fawkes Dumbledore’s Phoenix
Hogwarts Great Hall
Hogwarts Express
Whomping Willow