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The Simpsons House

LEGO In The Summer Holidays

School’s out for summer… and we know there will be lots of parents and grandparents out there looking for activities to do with their children during the holidays.

And we have the answer!

Here at Chorley Bricks, we have a wide range of fantastic LEGO sets to keep even the most inquisitive child occupied for hours.

While our LEGO set hire isn’t normally aimed at children, we recognise that many parents want activities they can actually do with their children, rather than simply occupying them for hours on end, just to keep them out of trouble and that’s where our LEGO sets fit the bill perfectly.

We have a number of topical, as well as educational sets, guaranteed to get the brain cells working, helping to promote motor skills, concentration and learning, all at the same time.

Below are a few examples of the sets we have available and a complete list can be found on the Chorley Bricks website or in the ‘Guides’ section of the North West Lego Hire Facebook group.

LEGO® Corner Garage – £15 rental

LEGO® The Simpsons House – £18

  • Theme: The Simpsons
  • Pieces: 2.523
  • Minifigures: 6
  • Weight in g: 3.620
  • Building Time: 7 – 8 hours
  • recommended Age: 12+

LEGO® Dom’s Dodge Charger – £7 rental

  • Theme: TechnicLicensed
  • Pieces: 1.077
  • Weight in g: 1.650
  • Building Time: 2 – 3 hours
  • recommended Age: 10+

So there we have it, just a few examples of the sets we hire out and if you’re in the Chorley area, or close enough to collect from there, we’d love to give you the pleasure of LEGO these school holidays.

And don’t forget we have our LEGO Unlimited Hire offer, which you can read all about via the link to our blog.

We look forward to hearing from you.